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How Do I start as a Hotwife?

Basically you just need to have a willing cuckold husband.

Talk to your husband about your fantasies while making love. If he responds positively find some men you like the look of on line, or at work or one of your friends, then suggest to your husband that you play with one of them.

Often the Cuckold will want to watch the first few times, talk it over with him and decide which way to play. Maybe agree to play with a friend after getting him over the limit at a party at your house and insisting he stay rather than drink and drive. Make your play, Put him to bed, but before he gets to sleep get naked and climb into bed with him, very few guys will turn an offer of free sex down!

Discuss the options with your husband and then plan the playtime together.

Remember that your Cuckold may feel a bit vulnerable at first. He will worry that your playmate will be bigger or better in bed, or that you will like being with him more. So where ever you play let your husband know you love him and that you still want him.

If you are playing at your home with your Cuckold watching give him lots of smiles or maintain eye contact with him while fucking your Bull.

If you are playing at a hotel or your Bulls home, send your hubby some action photos or video clips on your mobile phone. He will love seeing you in action and fire him up for playing with you when you get home.

If you are playing bareback, make sure you keep the evidence inside you for your Cuckold to find when he pouts his fingers, cock or tongue inside you on your return.

Have a look at the Hotwife Fantasies page for more ideas.

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