Helping Hotwives Make their Fantasies come true.

In the past, a Hotwife was simply a woman who had an open affair behind her Cuckold husbands back, whilst he did nothing about it.

These days most Cuckolds are willing and happy participants in fantasy games played by him and his Hotwife.

These games can take many forms and are usually based around the idea that the Hotwife is punishing her Cuckold husband for being a poor lover or having a small endowment.

What usually happens is that the Hotwife will either play with her lover in front of her husband, or go out and have sex with one of her lovers, then come home and tell her Cuckold husband what she has been doing while they make love.

There are also several Sub Cultures in the Cuckolding scene, involving pregnancy, interracial sex, forced bi-sexuality

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The Cuckold husband is waiting for his Hotwife to come home from work, she has gone for a few drinks with friends, but she is very late.

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The Cuckold Husband is made to watch as his Hotwife makes love to her Bull in front of him.

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Many, but not all, of the activities in the cuckold scene involve some level of male bisexual activity.

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This is currently a big sub-culture with (mainly) white Hotwives having sex with (mainly) well endowed black male Bulls.

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A Creampie is where the wife's Bull will ejaculate either into the Hotwife or onto her outer pussy lips.

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A Creampie Cleanup is where the Cuckold is "forced" to lick the Bulls sperm from his Hotwife's pussy.

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